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about a weapon enchanted with the polish spirit

For ages, the saber has captured the minds of many in regard to Polish history. It is an integral part of the polish anthem, our national pride, contemporary culture and language, the most cherished family heirdom. No other weapon is associated more with the glory of Polish arms being a symbol recognised worldwide. There is no other nation, apart from the Japanese to display such affection towards a weapon.

“Poland and saber are two related notions. The saber is a foreign traveler from the far East, who found a second homeland here; it was here that the saber was given a place of honor and glory beyond all other weapons.”

                                                                                                         Zygmunt Hartleb

The film "Born for the saber" takes the viewer to the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the early 17th century, when the Polish saber experience the period of its glory, becoming a symbol of the strength of the Polish army.

"Born for the saber" is a feature story about honor, courage and war, seen through the eyes of a young noble and knight growing up in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


The originator of the film is the Sieniawski Family, which for years has been cultivating the traditions of the Polish Saber by conducting workshops, seminars and trainings.


Their work allows to reconstruct the old Polish concept of fighting with the saber called "Cross-Cutting Art". The film "Born for the saber" is the crowning achievement of their work and tribute to this national weapon. 

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Poles used two-kind of sabers: to dress - a "karabela saber", to fight and to duel "black" saber. There were many types of sabers, among them: "Augustówki", "Bułaty", "Czeczugi", "Demeszki", "Karabele" and "Serpentyny".


                                                                                         Zygmunt Gloger

Documentary part of the movie tells the story of one of world's top sabersmiths, Zbigniew Juszkiewicz. It is a cinematic journey through history and art of the mystique of high-end crafting of the polish saber, which to date is considered to be one of the best melee weapons in the world. The story of polish crafting presents the technological traits of the saber from a practical point of view, how it was created and how it worked (demonstrating it's beauty, and durability).


"Poles became so incredibly skilled at fencing with a curved saber that no other nation in the world could match them in this art. They called it the cross-cutting art because cuts and parries were formed in the shape of the cross.”


                                                                                                      Zygmunt Gloger

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 "Born for the saber" movie  tells the story of recreating the art of cross cutting, a feat undertaken by Janusz Sieniawski and his sons. This arc shows the viewer the roots of Polish combat ant it’s evolution from which the art of cross cutting emerge.


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