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Janusz, Bartosz and Krzysztof Sieniawski. family of swordsmen's who for years has been cultivating old tradition and customs related with Polish saber.

Their skills and knowledge are valued all over the world, becoming the flagship of the old Polish military culture.


As the originators of the "Born for the Saber" film in 2018, together with the Kawczyński family, they established the Polish Cross-Cutting Art Association, which is the producer of the film.

First fun fact

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"Born for the Saber" is the second Polish historical film after "Deluge" by Jerzy Hoffman accomplished in CinemaScope technology - a widescreen technology that allows the screening of films with an image aspect ratio of 2.66: 1, twice as long as the standard 1.33: 1


Second fun Fact

"Born for the saber", it is the first Polish film after 20 years, which takes place in the 17th century.

The last one was Jerzy Hoffman's "Fire and Sword" made in 1999.


Third fun fact

In the film "Born for the saber", the choreography of fight scenes was based on original fencing techniques
from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Old Polish martial arts system called "Cross-Cutting Art" was reconstructed by the Sieniawski family
after more than 10 years of research.


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